Thanks FotoBridge for a great job of scanning “A Lifetime of Photos”, the title of the Photo Index included with the DVDs containing the scanned images of the over 1100 35 mm slides that I submitted. I have loaded the images onto the primary PC on my network so that my wife and I may view them on our networked big screen TV. That’s as good as it gets! If this is how you plan to view your photos, I would suggest that you pick the Platinum (4000 dpi) upgrade. This way, if you ever upgrade to one of the huge 4K 84″ TVs, your photos will appear spectacular! It will be a while before I do that, but at least I am ready! For your information, the size of a 35 mm slide scanned at 4000 dpi is about 5222 x 3515 pixels, the equivalent of an 18 megapixel digital camera!

J. Hill, NJ