Wow!! Thank you so much for getting our photos digitized and back so quickly. FotoBridge did an amazing job and we are thrilled to have our lifetime of photos preserved. The photo index is awesome and is helpful-  I quickly found the one picture I needed out of a bunch of 5000 ! I promise to tell everyone to convert the collections  and save them so their families can enjoy.

Jill A., ME

To say your service is exceptional is an understatement! I’m a repeat customer (3 times and counting) and have been using your service for over a year to scan well over a thousand family photos. Not only was the work done professionally and quickly, but it was truly a pleasure to work with your friendly and very helpful staff. No problem was too great for them to handle. When I sent some old family photos that had been folded and cracked over the years which I thought were hopeless, your technicians went far beyond the call of duty to beautifully correct them. I can’t thank you enough and will continue to use your service and recommend it to our friends and colleagues. Thanks, again.

P. Branco, PA

Hello Fotobridge! I just received my order of scanned photos back on Friday. I have to say that you greatly exceeded my expectations. This is GREAT!!! 🙂 All my instructions were followed exactly. My photos returned in the order I sent them and in perfect condition. The scans are really amazing quality so you impressed a Graphic Designer and Photographer of some 20 years! I appreciate the kind service and quick turn around as well. I have already been asked about FotoBridge and have at least 2 other people sending orders in soon. If you don’t remember which order was mine, I had the photos with all the rock stars 😉
Thanks Again- You guys Rock!

T. Collins, NJ

Thank you so much for sending the CD of the photos, I’ve now watched it and my brothers have seen the DVD’s, it’s been wonderful! Thank you for the work you do, I’ve given your company name to lots of people who are all in the same boat, their parents leaving hundreds and hundreds of slides which have valuable family history included on them. The service was fantastic, your timing was perfect, thank you also for the email updates, that helped so much!

P. Steenburg, MA

Wow! You did a great job with my order. A big HIT at our 50th Anniversary party.
We sent you about 330 prints and you took good care of them and followed our plan for presentation perfectly. Would recommend your service to anyone. Thank you!!

Bruce R., AL

I want to thank you for the incredible job you did with my photos. I have generations of photos and was extremely nervous about shipping them to you. But your customer service was excellent and the personal attention you gave to my order was so appreciated. I have spent hours organizing and putting the photos in order and the time and energy was well worth it. Thank you, thank you, thank you! These are very precious memories that can never be replaced. I will tell all my friends about the great service you provided.

S. Crawford, PA

I want to thank you for the fabulous job on my pictures and the fast turnaround time. I thought the odd sized pictures and combination of media I sent you would be a problem but I was totally blown away with what you sent me. Thank you so much.

Christian G., MA

I can’t tell you how happy we are with your work. I have been telling everyone that I know, what an incredible job you folks did with our pictures. We will be sending you more soon. You do beautiful work! Thanks again!

Thomas H., CA

I would just like you to know that I am very impressed by the service
you have provided to me. I have received all my photos back in less
than a week time in a nicely packed box. I am also very happy with
the scanned images that I received. I will recommend Fotobridge to
my friends and family. Thanks for the great job.

Munnesh P., NJ

I can’t begin to tell you what joy you’ve brought to me and my family scanning decades of our precious family photos — A truly amazing job. Not only are the photos beautiful — but the process was easy and the people I dealt with on the phone and via email acted as if I was the only person they had to deal with and my photos were the most important thing in their lives! May you get back 100-fold the joy you’ve given us.

Margaret G., VT

Dear Friends at Fotobridge,

I can’t thank you enough for helping make my Christmas Gift to my family a huge success. You scanned 150 pics and then put them to music for me. These were pictures of 26 years of Christmas that our kids, obviously in their 20s, hadn’t seen in years! It certainly helped make the true spirit of Christmas – the importance of family and tradition – come alive on Christmas Eve for us.

It sounds like you had a huge amount of work to do for last minute people like me and I truly appreciate what you did to make it all happen. I also appreciate how helpful you all were on the phone when I called for help. I look forward to the next time we can work together!

Thank you so much!


D. Lambert, IL

I just wanted to thank you all for a wonderful job on my photos. I can’t believe that everything I sent to you is now on two cd’s. That is wonderful!!! Thanks again for a job well done. I was very pleased with your service.

K. Feret, Clarksville, TN

K. Feret, TN

Hi, I just got my pictures back and I am very impressed with the quality of your
work. Not only do the pictures look great I was amazed at the speed of this transaction. It was fast! Thanks for helping us to preserve our family history.

L. Hoover, PA

Dear FotoBridge Team,

I just wanted to drop a line and let you know that my order of 1,000
scans turned out excellent. I am very impressed with the
scanning quality and the speed of delivery Fotobridge provided.
I am in the process of rounding up another 3,000 to 4,000 more photos
and will be doing business with you again soon!

M. Davis, IL

We had sent a rather large order to Fotobridge prior to Christmas with the HOPE that it might be returned in time so that we could give the movie DVD’s to our three daughters as a gift. Thankfully, with the wonderful help and assistance of customer service we received the order on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day when we opened gifts we had all three girls open their
Fotobidge gift at the same time. The reactions were priceless when they realized what they had in their hands. There were tears, hugs and gratefulness that we had taken the time to put the package together for them. Later as we all sat around the television screen and watched those memories pass before us it was laughter and smiles. Even the grandchildren were involved
and thought it was fun to watch their mothers growing up.

We had the most pleasant experience with Fotobridge and are wonderfully satisfied with the final product and service. It took time to put forty plus years of slides and photos together but it was so worth it. We most certainly will recommend Fotobridge to anyone….the effort and cost fade once you see how much the memories mean to your loved ones.

K. Armstrong, FL

We received our DVD yesterday and spent a wonderfully enjoyable evening seeing photos that had long been forgotten. We were amazed at the quality and beauty of the work. The music could not have been more perfect! Thanks so much for helping us preserve a “family history in photos” for our children and grandchildren.

C. Guy, NC

I just wanted to tell you guys how much I appreciate the beautiful job you did for me! You have been just wonderful about everything and I have told everyone to use you for photo work. I just can’t thank you enough!!!!

C. El-Daher, FL

A simple “thank you!”
I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful service!! Photos stored and practically long-forgotten were “brought back to life” again! I will be reviewing other old photos for submittal to you for transferring to a DVD! How wonderful! Thank you so much!

C. Arnett, CO

Fotobridge Team, I received the DVD and photo’s — Great job! Thanks again for the good communication and great service. Regards,

V. Tilotta, WA

Wow!! Thank you so much for getting our photos back before we left. You did an amazing job and I’m just thrilled with the results. The photo index is awesome and will be so helpful when I’m looking for one particular picture in that bunch of 4000 ! Use me on your reference list anytime!!

S. Lauer, WA

I am so excited about the great job you did with the negatives I sent you. All my instructions were followed and the final product was stunning! Thank you for the personal care you took with my order. I will recommend you to everybody!

Wendy S., PA

I received my order–slides to DVD-yesterday and want to thank yal for doing such an excellent job.  My daughter and I spent three hours watching the slideshow–she laughed quite a bit at my hair-do and clothes of the 1980’s.  My sisters and I are going to send all of my father’s slides (over 2000) to you to convert as a Christmas present for him.  I know he’ll enjoy the DVD.  Thanks again for doing such a terrific job.

Cathy V., TX

Greetings,  ….the remainder of the slides being converted to digital images have now been returned to Maine… I can’t tell you how many family and friends are going to enjoy the work of Fotobridge.  My thanks go out to the folks at Fotobridge for a job well done in a timely manner.  I doubt I would ever collect another 7,000 slides, but if I did there would not be any hesitation in having Fotobridge do the conversion.  Thank you again.

Duncan J., ME

FotoBridge Folks, I am so happy!!!  As you may recall, I first emailed you with inquiries about sending my family’s heirloom slides to you.  We had previously gone with a different company and had a bad experience.  Needless to say, we were scared to send our slides to anyone.  Your suggestion to send a partial order, so we would fell safer, was a great idea.  Your service is absolutely wonderful!!  The email notifications letting us know you received the slides, when they were finished, and the tracking info was great.  Made us feel a part of every step.  Today, I looked at our new digital photos for the first time.  I was in tears.  Happy tears, thankful that we had chosen a company that is as dedicated as yours to making sure our slides were returned promptly, and our new photo images being top-notch.  …. you will receive all our slides and prints for scanning.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your great service.

J. Hodge, WV

You guys have been fantastic to work with. Already other families are asking us how we made the amazing slide shows with over 4,000 slides. So, it is understandable why your business is growing so rapidly. Best of success and peace for you, and everyone at FotoBridge for 2008.

John F., NY

Your package arrived yesterday, and I spent 2-1/2 hours watching all of them on my DVR.  It was amazing — so much bigger and better and more convenient that the old slides.  Your work is something I will treasure for the rest of my life.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

P. Hurd, FL

Dear FotoBridge, I tried other companies for slide scanning, but was basically discouraged and disappointed in the LONG time it took, the finished product, and the less-than-meticulous handling of the slides that are irreplaceable and SO important to me! BUT, your service and handling SO totally restored my confidence in this process that I am now ready to send off more than 50 years (several thousand slides!!)of precious family memories to be preserved on DVD. The Index Print Booklet is a godsend! Heartfelt thanks,

B. Morris, AZ

Dear FotoBridge folks:
We received our DVDs with nearly 2000 converted slides. You have exceeded our expectations in every way. My only disappointment was that I ordered only one TV DVD and now I need to order 4 more since we need to share this with each of our kids. The ease of viewing on TV with the great music (that you selected) makes photo viewing a pleasure and not a sleeper. We can’t give your service anything but the highest recommendation.

J. Linkewich, PA

Dear FotoBridge, I just wanted to send a note of great thanks for the excellent job you performed for the digitization of my slides. We could not be happier. To convert the old, difficult to view and appreciate slides to the quality jpg files which you sent was a real treat. Just delighted and willing to recommend you at any time for the exact, perfect work you performed. Thanks for reviving 30 years of old memories for me and my family,

A. Gray, TN

Hi, I wanted to let you all know how extremely pleased I am with your service. I appreciate the extreme care used in getting the job done, not to mention 10000 is a lot of slides. I only hope that whoever did the job had as much fun as we’ll have viewing. The slideshow movies are especially well done with the beautiful music – bravo! It’s so beautiful it brings tears as I watch and listen.

J. Hallam, TX

Was very happy with the service and quality of your work. Would definitely do business with you again. Can’t believe that slides that are over 35 years old can look so sharp and clear once transferred to disc. Thanks again.

J. Caruso, New York

Thank you for the beautiful job! I’m soooo happy with my slide show. FotoBridge has been so sweet and helpful. I was very scared to send my precious photos of my Grandchildren all the way from California, but I didn’t have to worry. I got the slide show and have viewed it at least two times a day since I got it. I even made an error and left some pictures out of it and when I called you said to send the photos and she’d add them in and send me a new slideshow. I’m waiting for your company to start doing VHS tapes and I’ve talked to quite a few people here in California and they all want your email address. Thanks again. Great job!!!

Sharyn K., CA

My shipment arrived and I viewed the slide images last night. I am awesomely impressed with the quality and fidelity of your work. The pics themselves were taken over a span of years from 1942 through about 1986 – and then remained stored in our attic subject to intense cold in winter and extreme heat in summer. I fully anticipated you would find that some of them would
not be printable at all. Thank you so much for your good work.

G. McClure, KY

Our order just arrived. The quality and execution were phenomenal. Many of our slides were 40-50 years old and the reproduction was just more than we expected. The scans of the family photos were also excellent. The ability to scan both sides is unparalleled for capturing original notations. Your service was money well spent and thank you again.

G.Board, MN

Good morning, I just want to really thank you all and especially Jackie for getting my order of slides to a DVD in such a fast and timely manner. What a wonderful job you did!! It was the best Christmas gift I could have gave. (I am the one that needed them done by Dec. 10). Thank you all and may you all be blessed with a wonderful Christmas season 🙂

My next step, now that I have found you, will be photos. I will be passing you information along to relatives as you have done a remarkable job!! Thanks again.

J. Boss, WI

Just got back the slides you scanned. They are excellent. I know some of these slides were over 40 years old – didn’t expect much from some of them. But they are really very good. Thanks so much for your work.

D. Iannelli, NJ

I am so pleased with the results of the transfer of my slides to DVD. Some of them were 60 years old and yet the color and sharpness were amazing. My children and grandchildren loved especially loved seeing photos of past travels. Many thanks.

E. Herbert, MA

Dear Fotobridge, The DVD of the slides is fabulous! I can’t wait to give the copies to my siblings. Brought back a lot of great memories, plus I saw a lot of pictures I had never seen before. Wonderful service too!
Thank you,

J. Fisher, PA

I have received my slides back in perfect condition. I have also received the disk with the scanned images. Your work was superior. I am completely satisfied with the work you have done. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Best regards,

E. K. Smith, FL

Dear FotoBridge, I have to say I was very hesitant to send 1000 family slides to strangers. But I bought a slide converter and tried to do it myself but the pictures were coming out just terrible so I had to trust someone. FotoBridge your team is FANTASTIC! You have far exceeded my expectations. Your On-line chat group kept me informed as we moved along and the pictures…well…I just don’t know what to say they are beyond beautiful and crystal clear as if we just snapped them yesterday.

I cried as I looked through the years of my life and the lives of my parents and siblings. My Mom passed a while back but I’ll be seeing my 91 year old Dad for Christmas this year and I can’t wait to show him what you’ve done. I will be spreading the word about you to everyone I know. THANK YOU FOTOBRIDGE!

K. Eastin, NY

Amazing job!  Thank you so much! My Movie Film from years ago is now being watched and enjoyed again by the whole family. I can’t wait to convert my photos and slides   What a Treasure.

William H. , CA

Hello, Just want to say what a beautiful job you did. Wasn’t sure how the slides and movies would turn out because of their age. We are very happy with them and look forward to having you do more in the future.

D. Stubblefield, MI

This is just to thank you for your recent help in filling my order to convert 8mm films (some 55 years old) to DVD. I’ve now had a chance to view the two DVDs and want to express my appreciation for the good quality achieved and for your friendly attention to this order. I may be back in touch for more in future! Sincerely,

J. Sommer, Vermont

Thank you! Our Film to DVD’s arrived yesterday. They look great. I can see where you’ve enhanced the color on some that were very pale. Good job! We may be sending you more videos and photos to put on DVD in the future. We’ll be telling our friends and family about your services.

R. Miller, CT

Dear FotoBridge Team,
The DVD’s, both slide data files and movies, came and they are terrific.
The clarity and presentation and music are all great.
An excellent job by you and your company.

W. Russell, PA

Great organization! Great people! If you are looking to have old prints, film, whatever digitized, look no further. These folks not only know what they are doing, their work is top notch. Just as impressive, the staff all the way to the owner, is as polite & efficient as any one could possibly expect. I used their services for the first time recently but we have more prints that need to be digitized. FotoBridge will get the work without question! This country could use more businesses run like yours. Keep up the great work!

J. Peakes, Mo

I just received my dvd/cd today and I am thrilled. GREAT job. You exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much! 🙂

T. Brecher, MD

Dear Fotobridge Team – Just received my package today – great stuff! I’m truly impressed. Completely surpassed my expectations – thank you!!!

S. Chalmers, PA

Thank you for doing such fine work on my old movies. They are giving me and my family a lot of memories. Keep up the good work.

Rev. H. Snyder, Ph.D, MA

Can’t thank you enough.   The videos you converted for my family have brought so many laughs and smiles to our family.   It so fun to have my children see and hear me when I was their age.   This is something every family should do before the fade away. Thank you for all you do.


Natalie L.,  AZ

Dear FotoBridge Team, The old video to DVD you prepared for me was wonderful you did a great job. The voice to voice was awesome since my Dad and Brother are both gone, hearing us all talk on the phone back in the 60’s was awesome. Like they were here!

E. Jacques, RI

We received the digital pictures(from our slides) and the videos. It was quite exciting around our house when I gave a copy to each of our children. Needless to say, we are very pleased with the work you did. And to the video editor, – a great job.

Bill L., GA