I just received my photos and DVDs from FotoBridge and you will be pleased to know that my very high expectations were exceeded. The quality of the scans on DVD was exceptional in every case – no exception – for all 2700 scans. Like many (most?) of your other customers, almost all my photographs and slides were one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable, and (I’m sorry to say) some of them were in pretty bad shape. They were scanned accurately and the images repaired when possible. And all of the originals are intact! The photographs themselves were returned in the same bundles into which I had carefully sorted them. For other potential customers, I am very glad I thought to put index cards with labels (year, event) at the beginning of my bundles. It made sorting the images into albums in my image-collection software a lot easier! I spent four months, on and off, researching photo digitizing companies, reading reviews, comparing pricing and services, and I’m convinced I made the right choice. I appreciated the account updates along the way – it helped keep my anxiety low about having all those, irreplace-able photos off in someone else’s warehouse! I will recommend you without reservation to anyone who’s looking for this service.

A. Hoskinson, MN