How it works – the FotoBridge Photo Scanning Service

We’ve simplified the process to deliver the most secure, hassle-free photo scanning service possible. Here’s how it works – from start-to-finish.

We’ve optimized our scan service fulfillment approach by minimizing handling, eliminating unnecessary steps and integrating secure shipping and tracking. The result is the peace of mind that comes with end-to-end order tracking and digital image scanning turnaround times measured in days, not weeks or months.

Photo Scanning – 5 Simple Steps

  1. Assess the photos in your collection to determine the formats and number of photos to be digitized.
  2. Review our basic packages and options and select the offering that’s right for you.
  3. Complete our simple online ordering process by confirming your package selections and printing your order confirmation
  4. Package and send your photos to FotoBridge, using a secure shipper to provide real-time tracking of your order during transit. Complete details on how to pack and ship your photos in our FAQ’s
  5. You receive our FREE RETURN SHIPMENT that includes everything – your original photos and new high-quality digital images and selected products.

…It’s that simple!

Slide Scanning – Carousel & Tray Service

Can’t quite get motivated to empty those old slide carousels and trays? Not a problem with FotoBridge’s new Carousel & Tray Service.

Now FotoBridge will process slides directly from your carousels and projector trays, when you choose this optional service. We remove your slides, scan them and return both the slides and carousels (separately) with your new digital images. Don’t want the carousels back (slides alone store in about 1/10th the space)? Also not a problem, simply enter “keep carousels” in your online order comments field when placing an order.

Did you know…

  • You begin enjoying and sharing your treasured, irreplaceable photo collection and lifetime memories digitally (on the web, with email, on your favorite online forums, etc.). While you explore and experiment with the myriad of digital possibilities, you are secure in the fact that your lifetime collection of photos are now preserved forever – safe from loss or destruction, and better than ever.
  • Easy sharing – We can upload your entire collection to any number of cloud and photo sharing services.
  • We retain a private, redundant backup of your images for 30 days and guarantee your complete satisfaction.

The FotoBridge formula means safe, affordable, hassle-free digital services with a focus on quality, timely results to last a lifetime.