Customers Category: 4. Video Tape

FotoBridge, thank you so very much for the beautiful job you did with the reels of our old Super8 home movies. No one in our family had viewed the films in many decades, but thanks to you we were able to enjoy a lovely hour on Thanksgiving looking into the faces of long lost loved ones, and to see our now middle-aged selves as babies. We all shared happy tears and lots of laughs too–does it get any better than that? I even keep a copy on my computer at work and take a peek whenever I need a smile. Thank you, FotoBridge!

Denise B

Can’t thank you enough.   The videos you converted for my family have brought so many laughs and smiles to our family.   It so fun to have my children see and hear me when I was their age.   This is something every family should do before the fade away. Thank you for all you do.


Natalie L.,  AZ

Dear FotoBridge Team, The old video to DVD you prepared for me was wonderful you did a great job. The voice to voice was awesome since my Dad and Brother are both gone, hearing us all talk on the phone back in the 60’s was awesome. Like they were here!

E. Jacques, RI

We received the digital pictures(from our slides) and the videos. It was quite exciting around our house when I gave a copy to each of our children. Needless to say, we are very pleased with the work you did. And to the video editor, – a great job.

Bill L., GA