Customers Category: 2. Slides & Negatives

FotoBridge, thank you so very much for the beautiful job you did with the reels of our old Super8 home movies. No one in our family had viewed the films in many decades, but thanks to you we were able to enjoy a lovely hour on Thanksgiving looking into the faces of long lost loved ones, and to see our now middle-aged selves as babies. We all shared happy tears and lots of laughs too–does it get any better than that? I even keep a copy on my computer at work and take a peek whenever I need a smile. Thank you, FotoBridge!

Denise B

I am so excited about the great job you did with the negatives I sent you. All my instructions were followed and the final product was stunning! Thank you for the personal care you took with my order. I will recommend you to everybody!

Wendy S., PA

I received my order–slides to DVD-yesterday and want to thank yal for doing such an excellent job.  My daughter and I spent three hours watching the slideshow–she laughed quite a bit at my hair-do and clothes of the 1980’s.  My sisters and I are going to send all of my father’s slides (over 2000) to you to convert as a Christmas present for him.  I know he’ll enjoy the DVD.  Thanks again for doing such a terrific job.

Cathy V., TX

Greetings,  ….the remainder of the slides being converted to digital images have now been returned to Maine… I can’t tell you how many family and friends are going to enjoy the work of Fotobridge.  My thanks go out to the folks at Fotobridge for a job well done in a timely manner.  I doubt I would ever collect another 7,000 slides, but if I did there would not be any hesitation in having Fotobridge do the conversion.  Thank you again.

Duncan J., ME

FotoBridge Folks, I am so happy!!!  As you may recall, I first emailed you with inquiries about sending my family’s heirloom slides to you.  We had previously gone with a different company and had a bad experience.  Needless to say, we were scared to send our slides to anyone.  Your suggestion to send a partial order, so we would fell safer, was a great idea.  Your service is absolutely wonderful!!  The email notifications letting us know you received the slides, when they were finished, and the tracking info was great.  Made us feel a part of every step.  Today, I looked at our new digital photos for the first time.  I was in tears.  Happy tears, thankful that we had chosen a company that is as dedicated as yours to making sure our slides were returned promptly, and our new photo images being top-notch.  …. you will receive all our slides and prints for scanning.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your great service.

J. Hodge, WV

You guys have been fantastic to work with. Already other families are asking us how we made the amazing slide shows with over 4,000 slides. So, it is understandable why your business is growing so rapidly. Best of success and peace for you, and everyone at FotoBridge for 2008.

John F., NY

Your package arrived yesterday, and I spent 2-1/2 hours watching all of them on my DVR.  It was amazing — so much bigger and better and more convenient that the old slides.  Your work is something I will treasure for the rest of my life.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

P. Hurd, FL

Dear FotoBridge, I tried other companies for slide scanning, but was basically discouraged and disappointed in the LONG time it took, the finished product, and the less-than-meticulous handling of the slides that are irreplaceable and SO important to me! BUT, your service and handling SO totally restored my confidence in this process that I am now ready to send off more than 50 years (several thousand slides!!)of precious family memories to be preserved on DVD. The Index Print Booklet is a godsend! Heartfelt thanks,

B. Morris, AZ

Dear FotoBridge folks:
We received our DVDs with nearly 2000 converted slides. You have exceeded our expectations in every way. My only disappointment was that I ordered only one TV DVD and now I need to order 4 more since we need to share this with each of our kids. The ease of viewing on TV with the great music (that you selected) makes photo viewing a pleasure and not a sleeper. We can’t give your service anything but the highest recommendation.

J. Linkewich, PA

Dear FotoBridge, I just wanted to send a note of great thanks for the excellent job you performed for the digitization of my slides. We could not be happier. To convert the old, difficult to view and appreciate slides to the quality jpg files which you sent was a real treat. Just delighted and willing to recommend you at any time for the exact, perfect work you performed. Thanks for reviving 30 years of old memories for me and my family,

A. Gray, TN